Eco-Friendly Storage Construction

Eco-Friendly Buildings

We are proud to be the first commercial property in Africa to use eco-friendly ICF, or insulating concrete form, in our self storage construction. The Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) modules is environmentally safe, it contains no CFC’s, HCFC’s nor HCF’s, will not decay and is vermin proof with very low water absorption properties. This helps reduce the facility’s carbon footprint by regulating its temperature year-round.
The GreenCube Building system was born from the proven use of flame – retardant expanded polystyrene (EPS) in building construction in Europe over the past four decades. GreenCube Construction married the European concept with the ideal of a fast, cost effective building system that would suit local conditions, comply with all statutory requirements and facilitate the use of unskilled labor.

Resource Efficient Manufacturing

Expanded Polystyrene manufacturing uses little energy, in which steam is a component of the manufacturing process. The water from this process is collected and re-used many times. Additionally, only 0.1% of total oil consumption is used to manufacture EPS.

Made with Recycled Material

Scrap EPS generated during manufacturing or from jobsite waste can be ground and incorporated into new EPS products. EPS is easily recyclable and can be turned into new expanded polystyrene (EPS) products or thermally processed into a resin to make other products such as garden furniture, coat hangers and disposable cameras.

Green Building Qualified

The ability of EPS to significantly reduce heating and cooling loads, and thereby reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, saving petroleum resources and reducing combustion emissions into the atmosphere has resulted in an ENERGY STAR qualification for EPS, which makes it ideal for Green building projects. This ENERGY STAR qualification means the use of EPS will contribute to points earned in LEED and NAHB’s Model Green Home Guidelines programs. EPS is recognized by and listed in the Greenspec Directory, an independent agency specializing in qualifying Green construction products.

Superior Insulating Value for Energy Savings

EPS modules provide exceptional R-values per inch of thickness over conventional enclosure systems, and virtually eliminate energy-robbing air infiltration. Use of EPS technology in construction will save significantly on heating and cooling energy costs over conventional brick & mortar construction, and, because EPS is so highly energy efficient, smaller-sized heating and cooling equipment may be installed for further savings.