How to pack for storage

Make sure you don’t find yourself in a chaotic situation when moving your goods into self-storage. A successful move is more than just dumping all your stuff into boxes and transporting them to your storage unit. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to use services from movers overland park as they assure you secure packing and move of your boxes. This won’t just bring you peace of mind but will also give you time to run other errands.

  1. Start by finding cardboard boxes to pack your goods into. Try your local Pick n Pay or Checkers or alternatively GreenCube will supply boxes free of charge with your self-storage rental.
  2. Get rid of all your unwanted goods, this will save you time and money. Have a garage sale or look at – It’s all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills. is another website where you can post a free ad to either sell your stuff or give it away.
  3. Get your packing materials such as packing tape and markers ready. GreenCube also offers these at a small cost to assist with your packing. Also keep all your old newspapers, these will come in handy when you store fragile items like plates and glassware. Towels can also be used for this padding.
  4. Pack all your heavy items into smaller boxes, these will be easier to handle when moving and less likely to fall out the bottom of your box.
  5. Create a few boxes for easy access, these will contain your more important items that you will need during unpacking, make these boxes more accessible when in storage.
  6. Label all your boxes clearly, this will help when you may need to access your items when in storage.
  7. Log all your boxes so you know where all your items are stored. This will assist when you looking for something in particular.

With all the items above ticked above, you should have a stress-free moving and storage process.
Get in touch with GreenCube for a recommended removals company to help with your move.